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Smart Healthy Women Magazine was created to inspire smart women just like you to live more joyful, loving lives filled with meaning and purpose by offering strategies and tips direct from experts in diverse areas of concern to women such as health, fitness, food choices, mindfulness, well-being, relationships, career, money and family.

This online magazine was created to provide a forum and platform for these wonderful experts to connect with as many aware women in the world as the amazing technology available to us today permits. Which – is – a – lot!

Every month we bring you fresh content from coaches, experts and speakers on topics as diverse as love, fitness, wellbeing, food, diet, business, and much more.

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We'd love to hear from you, especially if you have questions in our areas of expertise and want a no BS, shoot-from-the-hip answer. We trust you will enjoy your time spent with us – and we'd love to see you at our other venues too. So why not drop by our Facebook page, see what we’re up to on Pinterest, follow us on Twitter – and don’t forget to say Hi when you do!

In love and light, Estelle

Estelle Williams
Editor -in-Chief

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